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"Nathan is a highly personable instructor and a gifted and knowleable musician. His passion for music and teaching were immediately obvious to me, and his ability to meet me where I am in terms of skill level is very beneficial. I am further impressed with his dedication and commitment to me as a student, both in lessons, as well as between lessons, with his sending of additional instructional videos to enhance my learning at home."

Angela G.

“Nathan has found his calling in teaching the guitar. Not only does he have musical knowledge to back up his training, but he is also focused on helping each student reach their full potential as a musician. He is creative, dedicated and flexible, and will find a way to bring your learning style and musical interests together, regardless of age or entry level ability."

Alicia V.

"When I signed up for guitar lessons, learning guitar and music seemed daunting to me, thankfully I have an amazing teacher to teach me that music isn’t daunting! Without Nathan's knowledge of music, I would have been lost on how to read, play, transpose and write music.  Nathan has enabled and coached me to be my very best while building up my confidence. Another quality that makes Nathan a tremendous teacher to have, is his patience for his students (which takes a lot if you have a student like me to deal with). For the years of guitar lessons, I've taken, I can fully say that Nathan is one of the best teachers I ever had."

Quin C.

I took guitar lessons with Nathan from the time I was in grade 4 all the way up until grade 11 and have been playing ever since. Nathan’s experience, skill, calm demeanour and encouraging attitude combined with his contagious love for guitar easily makes him one of the best guitar teachers around. 

It didn’t matter if I was the beginner in grade 4 or the more seasoned player come grade 11. Each week Nathan took my playing to a new level.  Throughout the years I always looked forward to my next lesson. Regardless of age or skill level I’d highly recommend Nathan to anyone, a master of his craft!

Brendan A

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